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Phoenix 100 Yr Flood

What does it take for class to be canceled? For the first time EVER, I had to cancel CORE Fitness because of weather!

The crazy weather that woke me up this morning with thunder, lightening and lots of rain reminded me of a proper MidWestern storm. Well it took the Valley by surprize, flooded I-10, even closed schools for the day. I know those of you from pretty much anywere else are shaking your heads thinking it was just rain..well, it was a LOT of rain. More rain that Phoenix has seen in 100 years! Some people had fun with it, like the kayakers & jet skiers on the Green Belt. I just loved the fact that it rained for hours..there is nothing like the smell of the desert when it rains. The mountains are going to be amazing with wild flowers this Fall. I can't wait to get out on the trails..which may be altered from all the water..but change is good!

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