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Dr Eric Goodman at TEDx American Riviera 2012
The Unexpected Physical Consequences of Technology

Dr Eric Goodman & Dr Mercola
discuss the core of the body and Foundation Training 2013

Creators: Eric Goodman
The Inertia 2014

Foundation Training

Mondays       6:00 pm - And Breathe (N Central Phx)
Thursdays    3:30 pm - Eutopia Wellness (Scottsdale) 
Fridays        10:00 am - And Breathe (N Central Phx)

*Classes are 60 min


Private sessions available at And Breathe or by virtual connection via Facetime or Go to Meeting.

Please contact us for off-site appointments.


Back pain, bad posture, aching joints and poor movement patterns can very well be a reflection of our incredibly busy, somewhat chaotic lives that have left many of us with imbalanced bodies causing chronic pain.


Foundation Training is a safe and effective exercise routine created to help you change the movement patterns resulting in many of the chronic ailments commonly seen today . These simple and transformative exercises are designed to naturally heal your body, restore balance so you move better and help you become pain-free.


It is an innovative movement program that focuses on decompressing the spine and reminding our bodies how to move efficiently and effectively. Foundation Training teaches you to engage the posterior muscle chain, not the joints, to support your body. It allows your body to restore balance and counteract the effects of today's sit-centric society.


Never has there been a time in our history where people spend the majority of their time sitting, for literally years, which allows the posterior chain muscles to be under utilized on a continuous basis. Over time, we adopt movement patterns that rely on the joints to support the body, not the muscles, resulting in pain..usually back pain.


It's not surprising that back pain afflicts the full  gamut of people, regardless of fitness level. The good thing is you can change it and get back to a more natural way to move that allows you to live pain free, improve your performance and become the powerful person we all aspire to be.

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