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Stacey LaPlante

AZ CORE Fitness evolved out of a desire to help people feel better, get stronger and be more powerful. I've always been fascinated with the body and how we move. The principal that a body in motion tends to stay in motion becomes much more relevant as we age. Core strength, flexibility and balance are incredibly important components to movement that I focus on in my classes.


AZ CORE Fitness programs give you the knowledge and techniques to build on wherever your fitness level is at. The focus is on using your own body weight as resistance to strenghten the front & back core muscles of the body and improve balance. By strengthening the core muscles and developing movement patterns that support your body, you protect your spine and can dramatically improve your quality of life. So many of the chronic aliments that people experience today are a result of bad posture and movement patterns that break the body down instead of supporting it.


Elements of yoga and Pilates are incorporated to stretch and lengthen the body while cardio, plyometrics, and resistance training strengthen the body to bring my students closer to their ideal functional and fitness level. My classes will challenge you and be a powerful foundation for any other sport or activity.


Foundation Training, developed by Dr Eric Goodman, has become a focus at AZ CORE Fitness. Learning how to engage the posterior chain muscles and change movement patterns to protect the spine has had   a substantially positive effect on my clients, especially those suffering from back pain & bulging discs. Anyone will benefit from getting stong in the back of the body and decompressing their spine, but those living with chronic pain have found relief and new found confindence moving throughout their day.


I've developed my programs drawing on my exercise physiology degree, experience as a coach, yoga teacher & over 30 years of training and racing in the United States and Europe. I started StaySeaLive CORE Fitness in 2008 and have helped many students strengthen their bodies and gain the confidence to go out and try athletic endeavors they never thought they would be able to do.


The morning CORE Fitness classes are early so you can get a workout in before most people are having their first cup of coffee; plus they give you the motivation and accountability to reach whatever your fitness goals are. AZ CORE Fitneness classes are for anyone that wants to feel better, move better & do what you can to keep your body, back and mind strong. Chronic pain does not have to be something you life with. You can do something about it.        Strengthen your better


Change your movement patterns..change your life

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