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Night at the Newton

The weather finally broke and when it starts to cool down in Arizona it's time to celebrate! The brutal heat is done for another year and now begins the season of being outside, exercising & racing without worrying about what time of day it is. With the spirit of renewal that comes with the change of season I chose a place that has embodies renewal..the Newton. You may remember the restaurant Beefeaters, if you've lived in Phoenix long enough, which burned down in 2006. If just sat on Camelback as an eye sore until Venue Projects took it on and revived the 17,000 sq ft building into Southern Rail restaurant, Changing Hands bookstore is also on the property which has First Draft coffee/wine bar.


That is where the festivities began with good beers & wine, old friends, new friends and great conversation. Mary H showed up with stories of her month long trip to Ireland this year and Rhonda J & Luane R had just done a trip to Costa Rica with tales of zip lining & hours at the beach.

We ended up wandering over to Southern Rail for a bite to eat and some stronger drinks. I had only been there one other time & it was just after I had done a 3 week sugar cleanse so there wasn't much on the menu that would ease me back into regular food, except for a mixed greens salad. This time I had the Gumbo which was fantastic and bourbon drinks were quite tasty as well. It was wonderful to see everyone in something other than clothes to sweat in and enjoy the friendship that is inevitable when you workout with like minded people. A friend that helped me train for my first 3-day Enduro mtn bike race always said there is nothing quite like the bond that forms between people that suffer together.


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