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CORE class
Mon &  Fri - Royal Palm Park
Tue & Thur  -  Royal Palm Park (Spring)
Core Fitness combines stretching, cardio & exercises that strengthen your CORE  to lean you out, increase flexability and endurance

The CORE Fitness program is designed around using your own body weight as resistance. By strengthening the core muscles you protect your spine, move better & improve your balance.


You can expect a warm up, a cardio block, specific strength training & exercises focused on core muscles, plus a cool down. The CORE class focuses on the whole body..head to toe.


We start off each class with stretching and light cardio to get the blood pumping the the large muscle groups before the main cardio sets. Next comes exercises to develop or maintain balance, strength & flexibility. We wrap it up with a cool down that focuses on stretching the key muscle groups used that day.


This class really is for everyone. The goal is to get you up, get you moving & get a workout in before most people have had their first cup of coffee.


Class is held outside at both locations for most of the year, weather permitting. Changes will be posted on this website and emailed to current students.

Foundation Training    5:30pm Mon
                                       6:00p​m Tue                                         5:30pm Wed                                       10:00am Thur
                                       1:00pm Fri
                                     12:00pm Sat

Mon|Tue|Wed|Thur|Fri           And Breathe
                          Sat - Dave's Ashtanga Yoga

Foundation Training is an innovative program of exercises designed to remind your body how to integrate muscles to support your spine & move effectively

Foundation Training is literally the most natural way of moving the human body. It's a program designed to bring us back to our natural postures and movement patterns. Developed by Dr Eric Goodman to alleviate the pain he was experiencing himself from back problems.


The concept is to actively decompress the spine and strengthen the posterior chain muscles to support the body. This series of postures, poses and movements teaches you to hinge from the hips and use your muscles to support your body, not your joints. This effectively counteracts what gravity and our modern lives has done to our overall posture.


We sit so much of the time we have lost the natural movement patterns that support our structure to move in ways to keep our spines healthy. This class helps build your core and teaches you to move so you can eliminate back pain and help prevent injury.


This class begins with decompression breathing and moves into a flow of exercises that will strengthen your core & get you to move in ways that bring you back into balance and become pain-free again.

Private Instruction | by appt 
                                       @And Breathe
                                       3201 N 3rd St
                                       Phx, AZ 85012

Virtual Remote sessions available
via Facetime or Go to Meeting



Not eveyone can make it to an early morning class. If you are interested in strengthening your core, appointments are available for individuals or small groups at the AZCF North location, client's location or virtually via computer | device

If you are interested in strengthening your core but the thought of getting up before dawn to workout makes you cringe, or your schedule doesn't permit it, contact me and I would be happy to book a time more conducive to your schedule.


If you have a group of friends that are interested in working out together, contact me to set up an appointment. I offer group rates for classes of 4 or more people.


Fact: knowing your friends will be there to hold you accountable, increases success of a workout program it's much more fun working out with friends.




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