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Remember what it was like when you were 10 and the first day of summer was..tomorrow

There is a dog that comes to Royal Palm Park, aka North Central Dog Park where I teach CORE on Mon & Fri, that just makes me smile every time I see him. Not just a nice acknowledging smile but a huge, almost giggling smile because this dog is absolutely filled with joy. He's a little wiggle butt dog that runs as fast as his legs can carry him over to us on his morning walk. He looks as if he will just burst if he doesn't come over to every student and say 'Good Morning! Isn't it a fantastic day to be alive?!' He doesn't miss a student before he comes over to me. He's respectful and doesn't disrupt class; well maybe just for a moment, but it's worth it. He doesn't hang around and wait to be petted..he's moving too fast, plus there are other dogs & people to see.

There is another regular that comes to the park that is quite a site to see. Clark the Great Dane that lives in the neighborhood. His owners take him regularly over to AZ Children's hospital to see the kids and brighten their day. Clark's disposition is much slower and regal, good for walking around a hospital with IVs & life sustaining equiptment, but something I look forward too as well.


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